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Popular Titles

  • Dog ManDog Man

    Pilkey, Dav, 1966-

    Our heroes George and Harold have been turned into evil zombie nerds to roam a post-apocalyptic planet for all eternity.

  • Batman:  Gotham City's GuardianBatman: Gotham City's Guardian

    Manning, Matthew K.

    A chronilogical biography of Batman, find out about his childhood and why or how he became a super hero.

  • New England PatriotsNew England Patriots : The NFL's Greatest Teams

    Zappa, Marcia, 1985.

    New England Patriots Football team.

  • Washington RedskinsWashington Redskins : The NFL's Greatest Teams

    Zappa, Marcia, 1985.

    Washington Redskins Football team.

  • The Sword of SummerThe Sword of Summer : Book 1

    Riordan, Rick.

    Magnus is running from his uncle at his mother's request, but when his maneuvers land him in his uncles clutches, he is baffled when his uncle starts raving about the Norse gods and Magnus' rights.

  • The Wizard's WandThe Wizard's Wand : the ninth adventure in the Kingdom of Fantasy

    Stilton, Geronimo, author.

    For the ninth time Geronimo Stilton finds himself in the Kingdom of Fantasy--this time Blossom, Queen of the Fairies, needs him to find three powerful magical objects before they end up in th e wrong hands.

  • The Doll GraveyardThe Doll Graveyard

    Ruby, Lois.

    Shelby and Brian Tate have moved to Cinder Creek and the most chilling thing about their new house is a cemetery for dolls that do not stay buried,Shelby is learning about all the dolls and finding out how to help the find peace.

  • Rise of the earth dragonRise of the earth dragon / Book 1

    West, Tracey, 1965-, author.

    Eight-year-old Drake is snatched up by the King's soldiers and taken to the castle where he is told by the wizard Griffith that he has been chosen to be a Dragon Master like Ana, Rori, and Bo--and his first task will be to discover whether his dragon, Worm, has any special powers.

  • Seal pup rescueSeal pup rescue

    Peterson, Brenda, 1950-

    Babysit a baby seal! Baby seals can swim soon after they are born, but they also need to rest on shore. How can they stay safe if the beach is full of dogs and people? This adaptation of the picture book Leopard & Silkie is just right for new readers who love animals.

  • halloween Origamihalloween Origami

    Owen, Ruth 1967

    Instructions on how to make some Halloween Origami.

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